Are Your Floors in Need of a Good Waxing?

May 14, 2015

As the owner of a business, there are certainly a lot of things that you have to deal with on a daily basis. You have to make sure the work is getting done in an efficient and productive manner and that your customers are always satisfied. If you run your …

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Finding the Right Facility Services Company

May 6, 2015

If you are in charge of a facility where people work, one issue that you surely have to deal with constantly is cleanliness. This is especially true if many people are coming and going and the employees are doing work that leaves behind a lot of trash or other debris. …

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The Best Choice for Commercial Cleaning

March 23, 2015

Are you looking for a new provider for your commercial cleaning needs? Carolina Services of the Triad is ready to take on your project. We provide janitorial and housekeeping services that include (but are not limited to) sweeping and mopping floors, dusting hard surfaces, vacuuming carpets, emptying trash bins, cleaning …

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5 Huge Problems Your Industrial Facility Could Face without Proper Cleaning

March 16, 2015

Did you know that your industrial facility could face huge problems if it isn’t cleaned properly? While it may be tempting to cut corners, a professional, top-notch janitorial service like Carolina Services of the Triad is going to save you time and money in the long run. Here are five …

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Time to Hire an Office Cleaning Company for Your Business?

March 9, 2015

As a business owner, you are in charge of a lot of things. In addition to ensuring that work is being done and you are meeting the needs of your customers, you have to pay attention to your employees as well. While in the office, their comfort and safety has …

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Do You Really Need Office Cleaning?

March 2, 2015

As a savvy business owner, you’re probably always looking for ways to cut costs. You might be tempted to skip hiring a cleaning crew and instead just ask your employees to keep the office as clean as possible. However, if you aren’t diligent about your office cleaning, you could find …

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Protects Your Floors

January 27, 2015

Common sense tells us that floors in high-traffic public places will be subjected to much more usage than floors in a traditional residential setting. This means that they have the potential to get dirty more quickly and show signs of wear sooner. Of course, it is important to purchase and …

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8 Ways to Prevent Flu at Work

January 9, 2015

Influenza (flu) has the highest potential of any modern disease to impact our clients’ workplace productivity. Therefore, CST would like to share current guidelines from the CDC concerning seasonal influenza. Although activity is low so far for the 2014-15 flu season, indications point to flu spreading soon. Overview You and …

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Professional Office Cleaning is a Sound Business Investment

October 30, 2014

At Carolina Services of the Triad, we know that scheduling a program of thorough and regular office cleaning is vital to keeping employees healthy and productive. It also improves customer satisfaction and enhances your business’ reputation in the marketplace. Furthermore, it helps maintain the value of your property. That makes …

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Commercial Cleaning Services Can Improve Your Business

October 30, 2014

As a business owner, you are constantly searching for ways to make your business better. You do research to discover more efficient processes or beneficial policies. You do training to produce more knowledgeable and skilled employees. You implement strategies to expand your client base or to earn more sales. But, …

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