This is a frequent question raised online, and it makes sense. If someone is doing a deep clean and already looking in all the nooks and crannies, they may come upon pests living in and around the house.

If they do, can’t the kill the pests since they’re already right there?

Generally house cleaners don’t mess with pests like wasps. They may recommend an exterminator or pest management company, though.

The reasons house cleaners don’t get into killing wasps and other pests are these reasons:

  • Wasps are hostile and easily agitated. Take a swing at one and miss and you’re in for it — possibly from other wasps you didn’t know were there. And if that cleaner has allergies to bees and wasps, that’s a scenario that’s incredibly dangerous or even life-threatening.
  • Since house cleaners have neither the specialized training nor the equipment for formal pest removal, there would be no way to guarantee killing a few visible wasps is even a solution to the problem.
  • Often house cleaners are focused more on the inside of the home than the outside, where wasps are more prevalent. If wasps have gotten into the home and made a nest, there is a much more serious issue at play that definitely requires a professional.