Rubbermaid Commercial Products recently conducted a survey that showed just over 93% of those asked would prefer if there were touch-free hand sanitizer dispensers in public places of all kinds.

The touch-free component of it would largely be a motion sensing design where a user places their hand beneath the dispenser and has sanitizer squirted into it.

Of those who wanted to see hand sanitizers more readily available in public, 75% said they’d prefer an alcohol-based gel.

This is exactly what the French are doing. The city of Paris has made hand sanitizer a public amenity, and accomplished it in a single month. That includes:

  • 1,500 bus stations
  • 435 public restrooms
  • 3/4 of all public toilets
  • That’s 6.5 million doses of hand sanitizer readily available

Experts say they expect some of these new sanitation practices to endure long term. In other words, a lot of these practices happening now are in response to COVID-19, but the concern for hygiene will likely be higher than was previously normal for some time.