Whether you’re planning to make a change in your cleaning services or are looking for the first time, it’s helpful to have a set of questions in mind to help you decide on the best option. To that end, here are some suggestions.

1. How long has the cleaning company been around?

While there are certainly newer cleaning companies around that do a great job, a business that has been around awhile is an indicator of a few things. If the price point or quality control were way off, the business probably wouldn’t have survived as long as it has.

Another thing that can cause issues is a change in leadership. Sometimes things were working well at first, and then a company is sold or transferred, and the new owners do things differently (and not for the better). If it’s a business that’s been around long enough to span generations and is still successful, that’s a mark of solid ethics, procedures, and customer satisfaction.

2. Will the same cleaners continue servicing my location?

Familiarity with your business’ layout and procedures means increased efficiency. Even if the cleaning crews show up on time reliably each session, if it’s a different crew every time it’s tougher to develop a smooth process.

On the other hand, if the cleaning company provides a dedicated crew that services the same location each time they’ll arrive ready to roll with a more focused plan of how to proceed through your building’s layout.

Plus, it’s always nice to get to know the people coming and going from your business. That’s a lot easier when it’s the same folks each time.

3. What kind of green cleaning methods does the cleaner use?

Older chemical solutions have a few distinct drawbacks:

  • Strong odors that can irritate the nose and lungs
  • Some can take a long time to dry
  • Toxicity that is harmful to pets and children

Newer, eco-friendly cleaning agents improve upon each of these. True green cleaning options have a mild yet pleasant odor. They dry more quickly, which means less disruption to your business or home. And perhaps most importantly, the cleaning agents are free of harmful chemicals.

Not having to worry about pets picking up toxins in their fur or children crawling around on floors and carpets is essential these days.

4. What sort of quality control checks are in place?

This is one not many people think to ask, but it’s an important one. Good quality control standards go beyond a spot check at the end to ensure everything looks clean. Separating cleaning cloths used in bathrooms from ones used on counters is huge, to name one example.

That sounds obvious, but when crews are moving quickly and have a lot going on, it’s a simple mistake to accidentally reuse equipment that just cleaned the toilet on something else.

Quality control procedures that prevent these mistakes go a long way toward a better overall experience for you.

5. Staffing and background checks

This one relates to #4.  Some aspects of professional cleaning seem pretty straightforward, but the use of best practices for precision cleaning and avoiding blemishes isn’t a given.

Ask your prospective cleaning company what kinds of training their employees receive and whether the company uses background checks for hiring. After all, these cleaners are entering your home or place of business, and that bit of piece of mind is a game changer when comparing one company to another.

Hopefully this list is helpful in your search! If you’re ready to move on your cleaning, give us a call today to review these same questions!