Even cleaning has gone green. These days everyone is becoming more health conscious, from the habits we practice each day to the products we use to get things done. As commercial cleaning services go, it’s much the same.

Modern businesses deserve more than toxic cleaning agents with strong odors that irritate the nose and lungs. Having upholstery and floors where you’d need to open a window after a cleaning session used to be something folks felt was part of the deal. Open a window and wait. But not anymore.

Our green cleaning services start with eco-friendly solution that neither puts off an irritating odor nor triggers allergies. Perfect for offices so you won’t have to worry that someone in your staff is affected by it after a cleaning.

Even when fumes aren’t toxic, it still affects productivity when staff work in an uncomfortable environment. When it becomes known that a day or so after cleaning day there’s a breathing and/or eye irritant, folks will start to dread it rather than it being a near invisible benefit like it should be.

When cleaning services are done right no one notices; everything just looks good and works. In most cases nobody even thinks about cleaning, which is actually exactly the kind of focus they need.

Green cleaning with public service applications

Our green cleaning solution is also environmentally friendly and sustainable. This is a nice feature in general, but particularly useful in schools and medical facilities.

In both of those scenarios sanitation is the greatest priority. In schools, keeping surfaces disinfected affects attendance and even how the facility is viewed by parents. Kids get sick frequently enough, and often touch surfaces adults may not. For that reason the non-toxic nature of the green cleaning agent is crucial. After all, sanitized surfaces are only safe if the cleaner used to do it isn’t toxic itself.

In medical facilities you’re dealing with folks in recovery, often with weakened immune systems. Keeping things sanitary is a standard practice, but as much as is possible the cleaners need to be low impact on the senses. Medical facilties often have a whole list of additional considerations other businesses don’t, starting with sterile environments and also including organization that adheres to privacy laws.

Don’t leave situations like those to chance. When you work with pros experienced in those regulations you get a piece of mind you can’t get anywhere else. You can be hands off and focus on the most crucial aspects of your business to make it the best it can be, knowing your extraneous tasks like cleaning are taken care of.

Looking to acquire LEED certification?

LEED certified buildings are efficient, and are the product of years of research and dedication to preserving water and energy and reducing the emission of greenhouse gas. LEED is the most widely used third party verification for green buildings, certifying roughly 1.85 million square feet each day.

Green cleaning practices in any type of building can acquire LEED certification, from homes to large corporate entities. Depending on the number of points acquired in the testing (to measure various efficiencies), that building can be awarded as follows: Certified, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

LEED certification now focuses more heavily on building materials — what’s in them and what potential effects they have on the environment. The degree to which owners have equipped their buildings with features meant for comfort also matters. Additional filters, efficient HVAC systems, water systems that go the extra mile, etc.

All of these things contribute toward LEED certification and make for a stronger business throughout. It will be a better place to work, attract better employees, and speak to sense of excellence to visitors.

Green cleaning services in Winston Salem and Greensboro

Our green cleaning services help maintain LEED status, keeping things efficient and safe for your staff. If you’re interested in acquiring LEED certification, we’re happy to help you. We can give you all the information about what you’ll need to change to make it happen, and can put the green cleaning practices in place to get you there.

Also note that certification dates are ongoing throughout the year with different deadlines. You can check those here to help you determine your time line for building changes. We can also help you work within those time frames to ensure a smooth process.

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