We all know that having a clean home is important, but sometimes we forget just why it’s so important. Then, we fail to properly clean our homes because if it hasn’t seemed to affect us up until now, why start?

Health Benefits of a Clean Home

Clean homes are not only nice to look at – but actually good for you! If you have been struggling with stress, an unkempt home can actually lower stress levels. But don’t just take our word for it, let’s talk about some studies that have proved this theory.

Dr. NiCole Keith, a professor at Indiana University, conducted a study with almost 1,000 people from ages 49-65 to observe the effects of cleanliness on health. She found that those who kept their homes cleaner were healthier and more active than the participants that did not.

Another study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin focused on women. The study that revealed that those who described their homes as “cluttered” were more depressed, fatigued and stressed than those who kept their homes clean. From less stress to actually living longer, studies have shown that there are numerous health benefits from living in a clean space.

Take this summer vacation to get started on lowering your stress levels by cleaning up a bit! Now, some people find cleaning therapeutic, but others find it to be a tedious task. If you’re someone who hates cleaning but enjoys a fresh space it might be time to look into your options.

School Is Out!

It’s summertime and school is out — which means the kids are home! Whether they are going to day camp, staying with a sitter or hanging out with you all day; kids sure know how to drag in some dirt.

Sometimes it seems like no matter how fast they take their shoes off or wash their hands, the mess still follows them. Even if you can keep up with their mess, by keeping clean home kids will be less likely to catch a cold. Meaning less doctors visits, medical bills, and time off work for you!

Cleaning & Preventing Those Pesky Pests

Through common sense, we all know that we should keep our houses clean, but it’s just not as easy as it sounds. During the summer we want to enjoy the weather by keeping doors and windows open.

Even if you’re not the kind of person who purposely leaves the door open, you’re a lot more likely to because there isn’t a rush of cold, winter air to remind you to close it.

When doors get left open, it gives the little guys a invitation to come into your home. Then, one day you’re doing the dishes and you notice some ants — yuck! By cleaning up the house, the ants may want to come in but there isn’t any residue from food or messes to keep them there long.

So, what now?  

If you’re someone who hates cleaning or just doesn’t have the time for a nice, deep clean – you’re in luck! We can take care of it for you. First, we will give you our free home inspection to see what we’re dealing with and give you the opportunity to give us any special instructions you might have.

Then we can start the cleaning process using our eco-friendly products. We’ll even keep a log of your services and specifications so we know which rooms need some extra loving. Sometimes exceptional circumstances come up and you just need a deep clean once, so we also offer a one-time service that will make your life a little easier.

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