For seniors interested in offloading tasks, as well as administrators of senior living communities looking to outsource cleaning maintenance...

A clean space is a happy space. In this post we’ll go over the practical benefits of professional cleaners for both types of scenarios above. If you’ve been considering offloading these tasks to a cleaning team, here are the reasons doing so can create real value for you.

From The Senior’s Perspective (and That Of Family)

There are lots of reasons seniors use cleaning companies as part of their weekly maintenance.

  • A desire to spend more time with family without all the chores in preparation, or after visits.
  • Reduced mobility and range of motion affects a lot of folks, and thorough cleaning can become more difficult as we age.
  • Wet and potentially slippery floors and surfaces are a bigger hazard as one’s balance and stability decline, and a fall can cause serious injury to hips, knees, ankles, and wrists.
  • Having someone else handle the regular cleaning means not having to store many cleaning agents/chemicals in the home, which is valuable for grandparents of little hands that go exploring.
  • For a family member who may be having difficulty remembering everything each week, having regular cleaning done ensures surfaces are regularly disinfected so things don’t fall off the radar. The last thing anyone wants for family is an airborne or foodborne illness that became an issue because carpets and hard surfaces weren’t kept clean enough.

If any of these sound like what you’ve been feeling, we get it. We’re a family company ourselves and have seen all types of family cleaning needs over the years.

Let’s talk, and we can answer your questions and schedule a time to visit your home to create an estimate that suits your cleaning budget.

For The Senior Living Community Manager

Efficiency is the name of the game for a profitable senior living community. When everything from the building maintenance to the landscaping is automated and regularly kept up it’s easier to keep residents and attract new ones.

The same is true for cleaning if you choose to include that as a perk for your senior tenants.

It’s something they may have thought of as a consideration they’d have to take on, and moving to a senior community where it’s made clear that’s provided is a nice competitive edge.

Cleaning crews can work quickly and effectively across large numbers of units, providing an ongoing rotation of attention so tenants feel looked after and appreciated.

We’ve worked with private schools, shipping facilities, and medical facilities in addition to senior living communities, and the ability to handle a large area reliably and ongoingly has been our strength.

The Ability To Think Personal and Big Picture.

We’ve successfully run two arms of our cleaning company for decades: both house cleaning and commercial cleaning.

Our teams are intimately familiar with the considerations of entering someone’s home and maintaining the warmth it emanates, leaving a minimal footprint of sorts to keep things clean, and being someone the family can depend on.

Equally, when we’ve worked with larger scale operations such as the former Hebrew Academy of Greensboro, Fedex, and a variety of professional and medical offices we relied on organization and improving bottom lines to provide demonstrable value.