Private charter schools, residential high schools, and universities require cleaning and decontamination services that are above that of mainstream public schools. This due to the residential nature of your education facility.

Housing students means you have a large number of people in close living quarters. These close and personal living conditions require robust cleaning and decontamination services that can kill viruses instantly, preventing their rapid viral spreading. 

The specialized residential nature of your private education facility requires professional cleaning and decontamination services above a regular janitorial staff. This is exactly why the past several years have seen a shift towards outsourcing these services among private education campuses  in North Carolina’s Piedmont Triad.

There are three main reasons why you should consider joining this growing trend. The first is the lower overhead costs in terms of ROI from your operations budget. The second is the safety factor that comes from stopping viruses in their tracks, preventing their rapid viral spreading. The third reason is the flexibility of your regular janitorial staff by allowing them to focus on specific tasks and areas of your campus.

Let’s examine these three key reasons why you should outsource your school’s decontamination services. 

Lower Operational Overhead For Your Private or Charter School

While a staff of just two or three janitors might work well in a public school environment, it is likely not enough for your private campus. This leaves you with one of two options to make sure your cleaning and decontamination needs are met.

The first is to hire additional, full time janitorial staff. This will increase your ability to clean and sanitize your classrooms and living environments, but it comes with a sharp increase in your personnel budget. 

Hiring janitorial staff not only adds to your annual payroll expense, but it also adds to your benefits expenses by having to provide health insurance for your new hires. This is before you factor in paid time off and any retirement benefits you offer your staff. Hiring extra janitorial staff also increases your workers compensation and unemployment insurance costs.

The second option you have is to outsource your extra cleaning and decontamination needs. When you partner with a commercial cleaning service like Carolina Services of the Triad, you make sure your staff and students live inside a safe and clean environment, without having to incur the additional operational overhead costs that comes with hiring more full time staff. 

Safer and Cleaner Living Environment

Outsourcing your private school’s decontamination services leads to a safer and cleaner living environment for everyone who resides on your campus. Ensuring that your campus is maximally safe and clean also further reduces your operational overhead by freeing up the time of your nurses and dorm advisors from taking care of sick students. 

Keeping your campus safe and clean has taken on a new meaning in the age of COVID-19. Close-knit residential communities have always been among the fastest virus spreading environments.

That is exponentially true whenever there is a global disease outbreak. It was true during the Swine Flu pandemic, it’s especially true during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it will be true for all future unforeseen pandemics.

This is why ensuring your campus is properly cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected on a regular basis is so paramount to keeping your staff and students safe and healthy.

One of the best resources for stopping the spread of viral diseases is powerful cleaning products that instantly kill germs and bacteria on contact. Clorox Total 360 is that kind of powerful disinfectant that you need to keep on your campus. It has proven to be one of the fastest and most effective commercial cleaning products in terms of decontaminating public spaces and killing any trace of COVID-19 bacteria.

Flexible Use of Your School’s Janitorial Staff 

This third reason is among the most important when it comes to maximizing your janitorial budget. While cleaning and decontaminating your entire campus may be too much for your full time janitorial staff to handle, cleaning specific areas is much more manageable. 

When you outsource some or most of your school’s cleaning and decontamination services, you free up your full time staff to target the most important areas of your campus. This could be your entrance hall seen by visitors, alumni, and potential students and faculty, or your athletic facilities. Let your full time staff handle the cosmetics, and we’ll handle the disinfectant. 

Need a Reliable Decontamination Service Partner?

Outsourcing your school’s decontamination services gives you the power to make sure your campus is both visually pristine and safe and clear from any viral diseases, while also lowering your operational overhead.

If you are looking for a reliable decontamination partner for your educational facility in the Piedmont Triad, look no further than Carolina Services of the Triad.

Contact us today to get started towards a cleaner and safer campus.