Have a big spill, an accident, or concerns of a potential outbreak?

When you need a cleaning company in a hurry, you want one that has been providing disinfection solutions that could deal with even COVID from the very beginning. Our residential and commercial customers alike have found tremendous value in it, and we’d be happy to get your workplace back on track.

Our quick-turn cleaning capabilities are ideal for:

  • Cases where someone has come into the facility sick and you’re concerned about spreading
  • An employee has recently tested positive for COVID and you want to disinfect the facility, just to make sure
  • Chemical spills
  • Food storage areas where food has spoiled (power outages etc.) and you’re concerned about contamination of other supplies and nearby areas

Click here for information about our electrostatic cleaning solution.
(Stops 99.999% of bacteria, spores, and even COVID within 5 minutes.)

Or, if you’re ready to talk with someone today about your urgent cleaning needs: