Learn More about Cleaning Services Offered by CST

To learn more about cleaning services offered by CST, one must understand the importance of knowing exactly the type of cleaning process and products that are required for each specific job. Carolina Services of the Triad offers both residential and commercial cleaning services in the Greensboro and Winston-Salem areas. A quality janitorial service is especially important in industrial facilities, since the products manufactured or distributed can create slippery surfaces, cluttered areas, unsanitary conditions for workers, etc. These conditions can lead to illnesses, accidents, extra costs and lost productivity, if not cleaned on a regular basis with quality products that are appropriate for the particular surfaces in each location.

Illnesses can easily be spread among workers, if bacteria and toxic waste are not thoroughly cleaned regularly. Accidents can cause workers’ compensation cases that cause not only lost productivity, but unanticipated expense for the company.

CST can provide experienced personnel to handle all types of janitorial services for manufacturing plants, healthcare facilities, educational buildings, and distribution plants. Our experts have extensive knowledge of the cleaning products that are appropriate for each surface and area of your facility.