If you’re looking for work as a house cleaner in a growing, family-owned company we’d be happy to talk to you.

The first step is to visit our Employment page, where you will answer a few basic questions to begin the interview process.

This gives us a starting point for discussion.

All employees must submit to a background check prior to official hire.

Our Hiring Process for House Cleaners

We believe that a safe workplace is one of the largest factors of success for any company. We want everyone that works here to enjoy coming to work each day and to be able to focus on their responsibilities.

Our hiring process includes a two-step interview, starting with a phone call and progressing to an in-person meeting. Be prepared to share character references upon request.

From there you’ll need to undergo a drug and alcohol test, and submit to a state criminal records check. This is mandatory on our part because our employees will be entering customers’ homes.

We share this process to make your interview experience smoother.

Feel free to contact us with questions. Otherwise, begin your application here!