The city of Greensboro is rich in North Carolina history, from its buildings to its parks and memorials. Elm Street itself is full of city mainstays for all sorts of occasions, from bars to coffee shops and pizza.

Burgeoning areas of Greensboro, NC such as Fisher Park and even downtown are seeing a lot of promise — particularly after the challenges many areas faced in 2020.

Now, three years later, Fisher Park’s lush woods feature family-friendly areas walking distance from the neighborhood. It’s grown to over 900 homes, with a combination of houses, apartments, townhomes, and condos.

Some of the staples of this area of Greensboro include:

  • Joymongers Brewing Company
  • Little Brother Brewing
  • Fishers Grille
  • Deep Roots Market (organic grocery)

More families are working from home than ever before, though, so the need for Greensboro cleaning services has increased sharply over the last few years. 11% overall real estate growth, to be exact.

All those outdoor activities can mean dirty/muddy floors, and managing a home office is far more seamless with a reliable cleaning partner.

Front windows of a retail store showcasing products

Downtown Greensboro Cleaning Needs For On-The-Go Locals

Downtown Greensboro is full of loft-style apartments that suit an on-the-go lifestyle for enjoying all the locale. Greensboro’s “First Fridays” are downtown’s open house night for celebrating local artists. Galleries are open late, and public art is often displayed throughout the streets.

Restaurants and bars usually coordinate well here, giving those who attend a fun evening where they can be out practically all night with things to do, if desired.

Apartment cleaning makes a lot of sense for college students, young couples, and those working in downtown to curb the chaos and make the time spent inside feel more posh.

The Charles B. Aycock neighborhood is one of the best in Greensboro for mixing the downtown vibe with family-sized homes. For creative folks, the business district of Summit Ave. and walking distance from the Greensboro Cultural Arts Center are great complements to the Central Library and Sternberger’s park and Arts Center.

Cleaning Services For Luxury Homes In Lake Jeanette

Lake Jeanette is a waterfront community in northern Greensboro, and features homes that are larger and more luxurious than downtown regions. It’s a different scene, for sure, but is one that’s enjoyed stability throughout some challenging years.

Many of the neighborhoods here have private docks for access to Lake Jeanette, and there’s even a Tennis Club amongst the amenities.

While it’s 15-20 minutes to downtown Greensboro from here, the lakeside region has access to its own must-try restaurants — such as Green Valley Grill.

Larger luxury homes tend to have certain considerations downtown lofts do not. Homeowners looking for Greensboro cleaning companies want to ensure they have capabilities for:

  • High, vaulted ceilings
  • Custom railings and banisters
  • Decks & lattice
  • Multi-use garages
  • Large windows
  • Premium counter tops and flooring

These materials can be a bit more complex to clean, and sometimes require special equipment and training to do properly. Marble and granite counter tops, for instance, can be irritated by certain chemicals and scratched by abrasive sponges.

Similar considerations are at play for decks and enclosed porches, sunrooms etc.

A bit of luxury closer to Greensboro’s hub…

Sunset Hills Cleaning Services

It doesn’t take a trip to the lake to find upscale living, though. In fact, Sunset Hills was a finalist in 2019’s “Nicest Places In America”.

It’s just west of downtown, and is well known for being a great place to raise a family. It’s a welcoming community and has an abundance of college students because of its proximity to local colleges and UNCG. At Christmas time, Sunset Hills really does it up with decorations and lights. That festivity gives a premium sensibility to the area, the the ease of access to downtown Greensboro can’t be denied.

We have clients throughout many of these regions in and out of downtown. As we’ve expanded our Greensboro house cleaning services, We’ve been honored to forge new and lasting relationships with families looking to thrive.

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