Quality Assurance

How We Maintain Strong Partnerships

Quality assurance and auditing is something we take seriously at Carolina Services. We adapt our service audits to the specific needs of our individual customers. Audits allow us to close the gap between expected services and what service is actually delivered. This also gives us a measurable idea of how effective our work is being achieved. Our service audits attempt to standardize tasks, making a fairly intangible process more tangible. This results in higher productivity, more accountability, and a better understanding of how well the building is being cleaned. To reduce variability, we at Carolina Services use service audits as the primary mechanism of quality assurance.

The most effective quality assurance comes through seeing, following up, and delivering on our promises to our customers and our employees. To measure performance, consistency in documentation (i.e. written inspections) are essential.

Performance and Tracking Measurements

Carolina Services will perform the following inspections and action plans to ensure we perform the highest quality work:

  • Checklists
    • Each staff member will be required to complete a detailed checklist formed from your cleaning specifications. These checklists will be returned to the site supervisor after each shift for review.
  • Logbook
    • The management team will maintain a logbook that documents any and all areas of concern.
    • Managers will review the logbook after the completion of every shift. Each issue will be addressed via a follow-up call with your liaison(s).
    • The Director of Operations will review the logbook weekly.
    • Every logbook includes a “hot list” or section where areas of increased attention are needed. This section can be updated weekly and made readily available for review or editing by your liaison(s).
  •  Daily Inspections
    • The site supervisor will perform daily inspections from a designated audit check-off sheet. This inspection sheet will include all priority areas in addition to other routine areas to be inspected.
  • Routine Inspections
    • The CST Area Manager will meet routinely with the site supervisor and also perform detailed inspections of your facility.
  • Action Plan
    • In addition to routine inspections, we will provide you with a monthly action plan. Each customer will be provided contact information for all supervisory and management staff.