We know how it is. Your college student brought all their dorm stuff back with them and dumped it in their room, and maybe stuffed a closet full. Now that the summer is moving along and they’re gearing up to return to campus, many parents are thinking of cleaning ahead of time.

Once the room is vacant, a thorough clean is just the thing to make the rooms feel consistent again.

House cleaning for when college students head back to school.

Our complete house cleaning services are ideal for transitions like these. It’s a deep clean that eliminates odors, dirt, and germs that may be on surfaces.

And just as importantly, the cleaning session can fit seamlessly right into your busy schedule.

You can count on things like:

  • Vacuuming
  • Drape cleaning
  • Cleaning and disinfecting walls, toilets, showers, and tubs

The room will be nice and clean, and ready for when your child returns again next semester.

We know that when you’re expecting a visit it’s an exciting time, and probably the last thing you want to worry about as the day approaches is have to clean everything.

Cleaning services also make sense for when your child moves out entirely.

There are a lot of reasons to rely on a cleaning service when your child moves out for their next chapter. Especially if the goodbye is an emotional one.

Maybe you’re planning to keep the room largely as-is for when they come in for a visit in the future. Or maybe you have other plans for the room. Either way, a thorough clean is a helpful first step.

In the latter case especially where the room will be used for something new, there’s almost always dust and other things built up in places previously blocked by furniture. If it’s an area you’ve never had to look at or been able to easily get to, it can be surprising how much is there.

Starting out with a freshly cleaned space makes staging and beginning the new setup far easier.