The importance of using green cleaning agents can’t be overstated — especially in light of a recent study that revealed common scented cleaning agents could expose a person within an enclosed space with an amount of air pollutants equivalent to 28,000 road vehicles.

That’s pretty significant.

Monoterpenes, which are the particles in certain citrus fragrances, interact with unstable molecules in the air as they evaporate and become organic aerosols. These aerosols can be so small that they penetrate the lungs and enter the bloodstream.

The effects of that are inflammation of the airways as a start, but the idea of chemicals entering the bloodstream through the air creates greater concerns. Largely, as the author (Carissa Wong) points out, a concern for professional cleaners who spend a large portion of any given week breathing in these fumes.

At CST we use green cleaning solutions that are free of these contaminants, so our team is safe (as are our customers). But studies like these will hopefully help the industry evolve away from aerosols that are both health hazards and potentially contributing to environmental issues.