…It can also backfire if your store windows are not clean. Dust and smudges from people pressing against the glass to peer inside accumulate quickly and need to be addressed.

If a customer sees that the same pattern of fingerprints has been on your store window for days, or that the cobwebs on your mannequins are beginning to sag with dust, that tells them all they need to know without investigating further. 

It says that your staff isn’t paying attention and maintenance is minimal. What expectation about customer service does that create?

How Does a Clean Window Display Influence Customer Behavior?

When consumers are considering a new purchase, their excitement and anticipation surrounding the “newness” of an item are affected by that item’s surroundings. No matter how expensive or high quality the item on display, if it’s surrounded by excessive clutter or an unclean environment, it will diminish that customer’s excitement and discourage them from purchasing at all. 

According to NPD Group windows displays alone influence 24% of purchases. Can you afford to give up a potential 24% because your window display isn’t consistently clean? A dirty and disorganized window display can cost your business by putting customers in the wrong mindset to buy.

Your dirty windows may even lead customers to believe your business is closed when it’s not. Filthy windows can reduce the amount of UV light penetration by 40%, leading to a darker, less inviting looking storefront.

If a customer has to wonder whether your store is open, you’ve lost all chances of an impulse visit.

Clean Retail Window Displays Affect The Other Senses, Too.

Condensation, dust, and bacteria combine to create a thin film on your windows that is full of allergens and irritants. As customers inevitably touch the glass or get near it to get a better look, they interact closely with pollen, skin, hair, and ambient pollutants.

Dirty glass, and a generally unclean environment, may even be causing allergy symptoms.   

The last thing we want is to have a passerby feel a negative physical reaction to engaging with your retail window display.

Weather, landscaping, heavy foot traffic in more populated areas, and smog from traffic all contribute to dirty and dingy glass. It’s important to assess the cleanliness of your windows daily and clean them regularly and thoroughly, which will require time and resources. 

Working with the right commercial cleaning company can make your life a lot easier and your windows a lot cleaner. 

Don’t forget the inside of your store after you’ve addressed the outside. The inside window is an especially good environment for mold growth, which can often be present in the form of small undetectable spots.

If you only focus your attention on the street-facing side of your windows and forget to take care of the dust and grime on the inside, you’re undoing all the hard work you just put in. 

Need a Commercial Cleaning Company for Your Storefront?

Losing potential customers because of a dirty window is tough to accept, but thankfully you don’t have to. 

Partnering with a commercial cleaning service is a great way to keep up with the cleanliness of your window display, so you can focus on the more creative aspects of merchandising. 

Carolina Services of the Triad is here to help you attract customers with a clean and attractive store, both inside and outside of your storefront. Contact us today for a worry-free cleaning solution.