Quality office cleaning is one thing, but specialized environments like cleanrooms often used in biotech companies require specialized skills to keep clean.

At CST our staff is trained for exactly these sorts of jobs. One of our specialties is cleaning medical facilities. We’re knowledgeable about what it takes to keep facilities within regulations, and use eco-friendly cleaners to create affordable and responsible solutions.

For facilities that must maintain the highest level of clean each day, especially those that must prepare for occasional inspections, familiarity is key. This type of job requires different tools and a higher degree of training, which is not something every cleaning company is prepared for. We’re always staying abreast of the latest compliance laws, so we know what it takes to keep your facility efficient and on-target for routine checks.

Cleanroom Requirements

Most cleanrooms require positive pressure to function, meaning fans must be running to create constant outward airflow. These fans must be meticulously cleaned on a regular basis, otherwise accumulated dust can contaminate the space. Exit filters collect a lot of these particles, but the nature of any filter is to become dirty itself.

Other cleanrooms that employ negative pressure, often to remove hazardous fumes, use just as many moving parts. Stainless steel panels are straightforward to clean, but are an important bit to include. Each of these systems contribute to the function of the cleanroom as well as the longevity of the parts, so regular cleaning is a cost-saver as well as a time-saver.

Cleanrooms are extra challenging because of their nature. To be absolutely sterile means a much higher standard for maintenance and use than other types of rooms. Slight missteps can ruin the function of cleanrooms, so any time you’re planning to outsource this type of cleaning it’s important to choose the right team. We’re happy to prove to facilities managers that we’re the right choice.

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