We are happy to share with your community that we have absorbed all of Girl vs. Grime’s clients since they have decided to hang up the mop. We are actively serving these clients now and are so grateful for the opportunity to work with so many new faces! 

In addition to working with new clients, Carolina Services of the Triad has the honor of working with all of their employees that are still excited to serve you. We know that it can sound daunting to have new people in your home so we have hired Girl vs. Grime’s employees as well so we can ensure that you will have the same cleaners you have grown to love. 

This transition has gone over so well, with both the employees and the clients. By adding these new people, we are able to serve even more people in the Triad. We are so excited about the opportunity to work with so many new faces. 

Our Promises To Our Customers

We provide cleaning services to both commercial and residential clients at Carolina Services of the Triad and with the help of our new employees, we can reach more people than ever! Our green products have proven effective and safe for all locations that we are hired to. From schools to your home, we can successfully produce cleaning services that are sure to restore your space to a beautiful, clean sanctuary. 

When you have a clean space, whether it’s an office or retail space, your employees are sure to be more productive. In addition, your clients will feel more comfortable and enjoy their time in your space more. Our cleaning services could be just what you need to impress that new client! 

We are dedicated to helping the local community with our cleaning services but also by giving back through our partnership with “Cleaning For A Reason.” This partnership will allow us to support those undergoing breast cancer treatments while also choosing two homes a month for a free cleaning service! 

Carolina Services of the Triad is a family-owned business that is dedicated to providing the best service that leaves our clients pleased with our services. Our services are rooted in our respect for our clients and allegiance to providing cleaning services that are sure to wow both our clients and theirs. With our new clients and employees, we maintain this belief in order to serve you safely and properly. 

All of our employees, new and old, are required to pass background checks, criminal background checks, drug tests, and provide character references. By checking our employees, we are able to confidently say that all of our employees are capable of providing great service to your facility. 
If you have not yet used our services, take a look around our website and schedule your free consultation today! Our team ensures we will use the best tools to restore your space.