Part of our suite of special, on-demand services is pressure washing. For both our residential and commercial customers, investing in this periodically will do more for your property than simply make it look cleaner.

Sure, pressure washing removes grime, discoloration, and even mold build up (on the outside). But it’s those same contaminants that can eat away at paint, permanently stain the surface, or in the case of sidewalks and parking lots, contribute to slip hazards.

Chemicals, mild acidity in rain conditions, and other environmental factors lead to the wearing down of walls and concrete. This can make your siding brittle and crack over time, and can lead to cracks and wear in sidewalks.

At minimum we recommend a yearly pressure washing of exteriors to keep everything clean and prevent these kinds of build up. It’s also a particularly good idea before you paint to ensure it coats evenly and doesn’t flake off.

For residential applications, pressure washing is also important if you have a deck or patio. Everything we said about environmental build up wearing on surfaces? Especially true for wood that can warp, rot, or split. Those things are both unseemly and potentially unsafe.

Keeping your wood surfaces clean can prolong their lifespan significantly, slowing the rate at which the wood’s stain or sealant wears out. The better protected and sealed wood is, the longer it can stand up to temperature fluctuations and moisture without needing the be replaced.

These are some of the big reasons we recommend pressure washing as an add-on service to other cleaning projects. It’s a good investment whether you’re sprucing up your home or business, can be done fairly quickly, and acts as a solid bit of preventative maintenance for the property.

Give us a call today to discuss your cleaning needs and find out how we can include this valuable item in your cleaning goals!