With ever-changing stay at home orders, commercial businesses have to stay vigilant in their cleaning protocols in order to keep potential customers and staff safe.

Offices, retail spaces, and service-based businesses can benefit greatly from outsourcing regular cleaning and proper disinfecting – but only if they like the cleaning company!

Since there are dozens of “professional” cleaning companies in the Winston-Salem area, hiring a decent cleaning crew seems like it should be easy. Unfortunately, selecting a professional, high-quality cleaning company isn’t as easy as calling the first phone number in Google.

There are three frustrating ways that cleaning companies force their business clients to switch providers:

1. Unfair Pricing

Pricing for cleaning your business should be clearly delineated with all tasks discussed and agreed upon upfront.

Some cleaning companies purposely create a fog around their pricing. Sometimes that lack of transparency results in much higher prices than originally quoted during the bidding process — which can lead to surprises later if a project requires some component that wasn’t discussed.

Unclear pricing is a red flag, and so is pricing that is notably below the market rate. The cheapest option isn’t automatically the best, and sometimes the reason for the dramatically lower rate involves cut corners, shoddy training, or cheap equipment.

2. Poor Communication

After unfair pricing, lack of communication is one of the most frustrating complaints businesses have about their cleaning company. Your cleaning company should be responsive – which means responding to your inquiries and addressing your needs within 24 hours.

Particularly right now where spills or other environmental hazards can mean real safety concerns for everyone at your home or place of business. When those things are at play, time is of the essence.

Poor communication can also manifest when a cleaning company isn’t clear on which spaces you want cleaned – and how you want them cleaned. Cleaning companies that have solid internal communication will have quality control procedures that ensure all work completed thoroughly.

During these turbulent times, you need a company that is committed to transparency and will prioritize your business’ needs first.

3. Unprofessional Cleaners

Communication and pricing may feel like they can be overlooked, but having unprofessional cleaners come to your business is a deal-breaker.

Even if cleaners are coming in when the business is closed, you must be able to trust anyone who may interact with them – even by accident. If a cleaning company hasn’t adequately screened or trained their employees, then their clients are the ones who end up suffering.

Many companies learn this lesson the hard way when a cleaner has an unpleasant interaction with a customer or something is stolen. You have every right to ask a cleaning company about their screening and training protocols.

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