One-Time Floor Service

February 1, 2017

Cleaning is important, but sometimes when you’re under a deadline you don’t have time to negotiate a long term cleaning contract. For upcoming events, presentations, and other situations where you need a pristine-looking facility without a fuss, one-time floor cleaning services are the answer. Our experienced cleaning teams will come …

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CST Handles All Types of Floor Cleaning

January 27, 2017

From smudges to grime, there are a lot of types of buildup that form on floors that really degrade the appearance. Different floor materials require different cleaning methods, but we have the tools available to clean almost any surface.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning: The ROI Shift

January 9, 2017

Most business owners probably think of commercial carpet cleaning as simply a necessary expense. They want their space to look good for clients and staff, but it’s seen as a maintenance task. It is, but there’s a real ROI in doing it as well.

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Experienced Industrial Cleaners for Facilities Managers

December 29, 2016

More than other types of work places, industrial facilities have a lot of things going on that can create cleanup. If you’re a facilities or plant manager, you’ve likely seen how challenging it can be to keep operations running at peak efficiency and also clean enough to be safe. Outsourcing …

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Why Office Cleaning Could Transform Your Business

December 28, 2016

Success in business is as much being good as looking good. Luckily office cleaning services can help you with both. Did you know, for instance, that regular office cleaning has a direct correlation to you efficiency? Consider this. The main difference between a comfortable work flow and one where everyone …

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What Does Commercial Floor Cleaning Entail?

December 21, 2016

Floor cleaning is the cornerstone of a sharp-looking operation. Often times overlooked areas of the business go unnoticed for awhile, such as kitchens or break rooms — at least to the client. But floors are something everyone sees, and send a real message about how you see your business. Companies …

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The Growth of Commercial Cleaning in Hospitality Industry

December 19, 2016

Since 2006 we’ve seen a major shift in how many businesses in the hospitality industry handled their cleaning. It was a task that had been largely in-house before that, with hotels in particular employing their own cleaning staff. But in more recent years hospitality businesses that chose to outsource observed …

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Benefits of Post Construction Cleanup Services

December 8, 2016

There are a lot of moving parts involved in any construction project, and as it winds down there are still several steps before a commercial property is ready for business. This is where post construction cleanup services come in. The bigger, more obvious things come first. But after floors are …

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Advantages of Outsourcing Commercial Cleaning in Winston Salem and Greensboro

October 18, 2016

When it comes to commercial cleaning There are random home cleaning fun facts we could share like so many others, but that would be out of place on a post discussing why you shouldn’t be the one doing all the cleaning, right? It’s an easy way to seem like giving …

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The Goal of a Cleaner School Bathroom

October 10, 2016

Nothing beats the convenience of public restrooms, but some people avoid them whenever they can. When you start digging into the statistics on public restrooms of all kinds, from retail locations to public schools, it’s understandable. But as common as the association folks have with school bathrooms and dirtiness is, …

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