Commercial Cleaning Services

Your Business Deserves the Best Commercial Cleaning Services

At Carolina Services of the Triad, our mission statement isn’t just an offhand collection of fancy words to make our marketing materials appealing to potential customers. We really do mean these words, and our commercial cleaning services honestly do reflect these goals.

Mission Statement

“Providing world-class quality services, Carolina Services of the Triad, Inc. is committed to being better than we were the day before. We strive to establish long lasting relationships through strong customer, vendor, and employee partnerships. We empower our team to ensure high-quality and competitively priced services to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.”

Commitment to improvement – We research and test products and processes constantly to find better quality supplies to use in our commercial cleaning services and more efficient ways to get the work done for our customers. We solicit honest customer feedback and respond quickly.

Strong business relationships –We listen carefully to our customers to learn what they need and expect so that we can provide outstanding commercial cleaning services just the way they want it. We know that our finished work is only as good as the dependability of the vendors we choose, so those business relationships are cultivated carefully and built on trust. And, we are fully aware that our employees are the “face” of the business and deserve our support and respect.

Empowered team members – At CST, our commercial cleaning services are delivered by some of the best employees available in the marketplace. These people are highly trained and eager to provide the highest quality work with the best professional attitudes, in order to create the most satisfaction possible for our customers.

We have clients from many fields including gyms and health clubs, healthcare facilities, office buildings, theaters and entertainment venues, warehouses and distribution centers, and schools. Each of these facilities has its own critical needs and environmental requirements for commercial cleaning services. From providing sweat-free exercise equipment to sanitizing a medical exam room, from cleaning food and drink spills to emptying and washing waste cans, from clearing debris from vast manufacturing areas to straightening up a cluttered classroom for the next day’s lesson – we know how to do it all and do it well. You can trust that the commercial cleaning services provided by CST are the best you can find anywhere.

Our Best Practices for Commercial Cleaning Services

At CST, we have developed some of the industry’s toughest standards for measuring commercial cleaning services quality and the most exacting methods of repeating superior commercial cleaning services consistently.


  • All Carolina Services of the Triad commercial cleaning services employees who work in the field must complete a detailed form for each visit to every customer that includes items specific to that customer’s needs and expectations.
  • Completed checklists are reviewed by the employee’s supervisor at the end of each day and feedback is given whenever necessary.


  • Any questions or concerns from customers, supervisors or staff are documented in a logbook by the management team.
  • The logbook has a “hot list” of items that require special attention, which is updated continually as items are addressed.
  • Managers review the logbook daily in order to monitor improvements and offer guidance; the Director of Operations at CST looks through all logbooks each week.


  • Daily inspections are conducted by the site supervisor, who will refer to the site checklist for customer-specific information.
  • Routine inspections are done by area managers.
  • CST provides customers with an action plan for each month that includes contact information for all management staff.

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