Industrial Cleaning Services

Whether your manufacturing plant or distribution center is one building or a mega-complex, much of your success depends on organization and cleanliness.

This attention to detail can affect the health and safety of employees, and even the productivity of the plant’s overall operations. Industrial cleaning services can serve both these ends.

Reduction in Occupational Illnesses

Depending on the product your industrial facility manufactures, your employees may be subjected to toxins, dust, or residue that settle on every surface. When these toxins are touched or inhaled they can sometimes cause serious illness and respiratory problems. Healthy workers are productive ones.

Fewer Industrial Occupational Injuries

Walking and climbing surfaces can become slippery or cluttered during the work day. Entrance and exit walkways may accumulate debris that hinders movement in and out of your industrial facility, either of which can contribute to accidents and injuries if not addressed.

Industrial Cleaning Means Better Operating Efficiency

If a worker slips and is injured or succumbs to an airborne toxin on the job, your industrial facility must (a) assume financial liability for medical care, (b) compensate the family for lost wages, and (c) increase the output of remaining employees to cover for that worker’s absence and meet customer demand. Not only does this put a strain on production but it negatively impacts morale.

Naturally you have many other health and safety issues to be concerned about, but the ones mentioned here are things we at Carolina Services of the Triad can take off your plate. By using an experienced, reliable industrial cleaning service such as ours your facility will be a better environment with greater productivity.

You can trust our 20+ years of industrial cleaning experience to give you the level of cleanliness that you require. Our family-owned business was founded on the premise that the best business practices are integrity in professional relationships, including constant improvement of professional processes.

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