At Carolina Services of the Triad, we know that scheduling a program of thorough and regular office cleaning is vital to keeping employees healthy and productive. It also improves customer satisfaction and enhances your business’ reputation in the marketplace. Furthermore, it helps maintain the value of your property. That makes our services a rather important business investment, don’t you think?

The Value of Professional Office Cleaning

Cleanliness in the workplace has many benefits. Some are obvious.

Improve Productivity

Regular professional office cleaning, for example, reduces the buildup of dust, dirt and grime, which makes the work environment more orderly and more welcoming for customers or clients who visit. In this way, cleanliness could increase business or improve customers’ or clients’ satisfaction when doing business with you.

In a 2011 study by OfficeMax, 77 percent of interviewed workers said that messiness affects their productivity, and 50 percent said it affected enthusiasm and attitude. So, maintaining a regular schedule of office cleaning can contribute to employee efficiency and good morale.

Also, a program of recurrent office cleaning will preserve floor coverings, furniture and equipment, controlling excessive wear and tear and lengthening their lifespan. In this way, cleanliness protects your business assets, adding value to your investment.

Prevent Injuries

Removing debris and straightening out-of-place items during an overall office cleaning will prevent possible trips and falls and the injuries they cause. So, cleanliness can reduce those expensive potential workers compensation claims.

Keep a Healthier Workforce

During cold and flu season, thorough office cleaning becomes a matter of health. Commonly-used items such as furniture, magazines, and doorknobs in lobby areas should be regularly disinfected. Smaller items like the handles on refrigerators or microwaves, tables, chairs, and shared office equipment should also be sprayed on a regular basis. In this way, cleanliness can reduce employee sick days.

In addition to these obvious benefits, there are some hidden benefits to maintaining a clean workplace.

Make a Good Impression

Regularly-scheduled office cleaning will help maintain your company’s professional reputation in the marketplace. Every day your property is being judged by colleagues, employees and clients or customers. A clean workplace makes a good impression and reinforces your professional brand.

When considering all of these points, it becomes easy to see that professional office cleaning is a sound business decision that pays for itself over and over.

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At Carolina Services of the Triad, we will customize a program especially for your business and your building. We can take over basic housekeeping chores such as sweeping and mopping floors or vacuuming carpets, dusting all hard surfaces, emptying trash containers and thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing kitchens and restrooms. We can step it up a bit and keep your interior and exterior windows clean, manage any laundry needs or handle your recycling program. We even provide facility management services such as fork lift drivers, dock workers, material handling and trash and debris removal. We also have environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions that won’t introduce harsh chemicals or harmful fumes into your workplace.