You don’t have to be a big corporate office or medical facility to benefit from professional cleaning services. If you’re in the Winston Salem, Kernersville, or Greensboro areas of NC and are looking for a simple solution to keeping your home cleaner, keep reading.

A Green Cleaning Solution

When we clean homes we bring the same green cleaning agents we use in our larger commercial projects. But don’t let that worry you – bigger projects doesn’t mean harsh chemicals, nasty odors that irritate your lungs, or anything harmful to pets. Our solution is free of all these things, meaning we can clean your home today and you’ll be able to use it quickly.

Quicker drying times, and pleasant odors throughout.

Healthier Living Through Regular Cleaning

We blogged before about how commercial cleaning actually saves businesses money. Well beyond the typical “clean spaces look good to customers” thinking, real numbers show how regular cleaning keeps people healthier and more productive. From allergies to germs, irritants are all over the surfaces we touch the most.

This is equally true at home. Especially if you have kids.

In the same way that keeping people healthy at work reduces absenteeism (and therefore stress), think of how much being sick complicates your life. Everything from house chores to cooking dinner is rough, and if you have to miss work you’re either burning time off or going without pay. Getting sick happens, but any time we can avoid it is a win.

Even if you feel like you generally keep your home pretty clean, you might be surprised how many hard-to-spot little surprises there are.

We’re Local For Winston Salem & Greensboro Area Homes

It can be tough dealing with big corporate cleaners when you’re not sure just how local they are. “Will they be responsive to things that come up on my end?” you wonder.

Carolina Services of the Triad has been around for over 23 years, based in Kernersville, NC. We’re family owned and operated, so our local community matters to us.

Whether you’re a business that needs regular cleaning services or a homeowner looking to keep a snappier home, we have the local expertise to be a simple solution for you.

Give us a call and let’s see how we can help you!