When it comes to janitorial services, a lot of places tout the importance of cleaning being the impression of cleanliness for visitors. (Particularly for restroom cleaning.) It’s true that a dirty bathroom sends the wrong message, but the real drawback is what you can’t see.

Researcher Lennox Archibald of the University of Florida conducted a study of public restrooms and high-touch areas. The study found that door knobs, faucets, and paper towel dispensers were loaded with bacteria — the types “that can cause everything from diarrhea to wound infections.” (Medicinenet.com)

Some of the swabbed areas contained staph, which can cause boils and infections, as well as E. coli.

Without regular janitorial services all these bacteria can run rampant. The worst part about bacteria on paper towel dispensers and door knobs is that even if a patron washes their hands before leaving, things they will touch after the fact can re-contaminate their hands.

And once their hands come in contact with bacteria again?

They’ll bring it with them back into the facility. Whether it’s an office building, a school, or a medical facility, the ramifications for public health are clear. We’ve covered how workplace bacteria and pathogens affect sick days and general productivity before, but it’s an important point about janitorial services that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves.

There are a lot of components to a thorough janitorial service. Don’t feel overwhelmed or settle for a less clean facility than you have to. Contact us today to learn about the full suite of cleaning services we offer for all kinds of facilities.