For construction projects large and small there is one last but important step to make sure the building is ready for whatever function it serves: a thorough industrial cleaning.

After the heavy equipment is hauled away along with large debris, the building interior has to be prepared for use. This involves a full set of the services you’d expect, such as vacuuming, floor waxing, and window washing. But it also involves some in-depth tasks that go beyond a typical cleaning solution.

Industrial Cleaning In Action

A great example of this is a hotel renovation. Construction tape used to protect walls during fixture installations as well as when painters apply base coats leaves residue on the walls. This tape is often used on windows to protect them from wet paint, but can leave a sticky, hazy build up on the glass. Removing that so the windows can be properly cleaned is an important step in this process.

When that residue is on the walls, though, it’s not as easy to remove as it is with glass. Cleaners can’t scrape or rub it off without ruining the paint, so special tools and solvent are needed to gently clean the surface while leaving it as intact as possible.

Construction crews may tear down drywall, ceilings, and even floors. Then they’ll install fixtures like lights, sinks, toilets, etc. In all of that movement there may be scuffs and smudges despite everyone’s best efforts to be careful.

The cleaners simply remove these blemishes where possible, but in some cases a re-paint or touchup is needed. The cleaner will let the painters know while the rest of the process happens, keeping the operation efficient.

When the more delicate aspects of the cleaning are complete and floors are approved, the cleaners can vacuum, mop, and wax as needed. Often there will be drywall dust and other buildup around appliances or in corners, so cleaners pay special attention to those areas.

The goal is that when this industrial cleaning is complete the building is ready for tables, chairs, and everything needed to make it functional. With everything properly managed and the cleanup kept efficient, your building project can wrap up promptly and look great for its opening day without worry.

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