We blogged recently about the value of house cleaning when you’re about to sell a home, but there’s an equally viable thing at play when you’re a renter nearing the end of your lease.

With a lease there’s almost always the requirement of an initial deposit to move in. Getting that deposit back is dependent on the condition of the home after you leave. But like trading in a car, you could have taken good care of it and it’s not immediately obvious if the seats and floors are dirty.

And like that analogy, the quote you’ll get for the trade-in will be reduced if your car looks that way.

Sure, you took care of the house while you lived there. But what really sells that point is when the landlord walks in and thinks, “Wow!” at how clean and neat everything is. We recently had a customer with that exact experience, and it was particularly rewarding about hearing the story is that they hadn’t gotten their deposit back two homes prior in a row. Differences in landlords is certainly at play as well, but by their own admission the cleaning made a big difference in the way they left the home.

If you’re preparing for an upcoming move and want some help cleaning things up and taming the chaos, give us a call today!