If you live in a large house it’s a lot of work to keep it clean. This is especially so if you’ve recently undergone surgery and are recovering, or if you’re experiencing limited mobility in general. There could be a lot of reasons for it.

When people hear the idea of house cleaning services they usually think of a wealthy family with cleaners polishing the silver. It’s an image put in our heads from movies, but it’s really a lot simpler than that.

From dusting to cleaning areas like tubs that can be hard on the back, our crews can take the struggle out of keeping your home welcoming and orderly.

We’ll help you:

  • Mop floors and clean surfaces
  • Dust hard to reach areas
  • Vacuum carpets and upholstered furniture
  • Empty trash containers
  • Clean bathrooms and fixtures
  • Sanitize items like remote controls etc.

Simple, reliable cleaning programs to make your life easier.

This can be a big load off your mind to outsource the effort and know that your home is going to stay beautiful all month. The other benefit to regular cleaning in your home is the reduction of trip hazards or even illness-causing germs. Cleaning the floors and walkways and keeping surfaces regularly disinfected can prevent a lot of the general colds and inconvenient sickness people experience.

If you are already experiencing limited mobility, avoiding an extra doctor visit is always a plus.

And of course, any time you’re letting someone enter your home you want to know they are trustworthy. We take that very seriously at Carolina Services of the Triad and background check all our employees, and employ strict training practices to ensure everyone one our team is the type of cleaner you can trust.

We’ve been serving the Kernersville and surrounding areas of NC for over 20 years as a family-owned company, and have a commitment to eco-friendly cleaning methods that don’t leave strong odors behind. Everything we do is pet and kid friendly, and shouldn’t trigger any kinds of allergies.

We think that’s an important distinction for residential cleaning since it’s where you’ll be right after the cleaning is done. It’s tough to rely on “just let it air out for a few hours” kind of thinking. In this case you won’t have to.