We’ve blogged about floor cleaning before, but pictures speak a thousand words. From smudges to grime, there are a lot of types of buildup that form on floors that really degrade the appearance. Different floor materials require different cleaning methods, but we have the tools available to clean almost any surface.

We got some before and after shots of the rubberized floors of AHA’s Athletic Center.

Here is a before shot, with obvious dirt, smudges, and even a liquid spill:

Rubberized athletic room flooring before shot

And then the after shot of the floor cleaning:

Rubberized athletic room flooring after cleaning

We used a special chemical on this rubberized flooring, then scrubbed it with a Nobles Side-to-Side high speed scrubber with a very aggressive pad. This took the buildup right off and left a nice, smooth finish. It looks great, creates a nice presentation for visitors as they enter the fitness center, and keeps everyone safe from slips.

So keep us in mind for your floor cleaning projects. From tile floors to special rubberized floors like this one, and even carpet, we can help you maintain that inviting look your business needs.

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