Kernersville COVID Commercial Disinfecting Services

Coronavirus Cleaning Solutions

Carolina Services of the Triad provides COVID-19/coronavirus disinfecting services for Kernersville and surrounding areas of NC. Our decades of cleaning experience have proven very successful thus far for keeping commercial offices and educational facilities sanitized.

Our consistent dedication to staying current with all state and federal mandates and safety guidelines, paired with our new Clorox Total 360 electrostatic solution allows us to provide coronavirus cleaning services even to large facilities efficiently for minimal disruption.

Reducing the Spread of COVID-19 in Kernersville Through Disinfecting

The simplest way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is to keep common surfaces regularly disinfected. For private schools, colleges, and commercial business offices alike in Kernersville this is a crucial step to re-opening and staying open — keeping staff and customers safe.

Thorough Remediation Disinfection

If you’ve had cases of COVID-19 within your facility it’s likely created some feelings of unease. It’s totally understandable to feel a bit lost or feel a sense of urgency to regain control.

Our methodology can do just that, and help make your Kernersville facility CDC-compliant for the peace of mind needed to get everything back on track.

Electrostatic Cleaning For Hard To Reach Places

Our electrostatic cleaning gear disinfects all around every object in each room of your Kernersville facility. This includes sinks, toilets, tables, cooking areas, and more.

And best yet, the cleaning solution dissipates in 15 minutes, meaning your work areas can resume function extremely quickly with minimal down time.

Deep Cleaning Even in Shutdowns and Shelter In Place Scenarios

Our cleaning teams have the equipment and advanced training to safely disinfect Kernersville facilities even in shutdown scenarios where there isn’t regular customer traffic anymore. This is an ideal way to keep the facility clean and prepare it for re-opening.

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