As a business owner, you are constantly searching for ways to make your business better. You do research to discover more efficient processes or beneficial policies. You do training to produce more knowledgeable and skilled employees. You implement strategies to expand your client base or to earn more sales. But, have you thought about how relying on commercial cleaning services could result in even your physical building working smoother to make your business better?

At Carolina Services of the Triad, we have seen it time and time again. We’ve seen the unexpected fiscal benefits of regularly-scheduled commercial cleaning services, the unexpected business advantages that seem to amaze even the most seasoned business owners.

How Can Commercial Cleaning Services Enhance Your Bottom Line?

Customer Retention

It isn’t hard to imagine a customer or client deciding to do business with a competitor if your office building or physical plant looks run-down. If your business features equipment that is covered in dust, and floors with dirt accumulated in the corners or carpets that are matted and worn down, the lack of commercial cleaning services could result in customers deciding not to do business with you.

Employee Longevity

Recent studies have shown more than three-fourths of surveyed employees claim that a dirty or messy workplace reduces their productivity and fully half of the employees in those same studies say such environments lower their interest in their work and damage their professional outlook. Relying on commercial cleaning services will contribute to the improvement of pride and morale and go a long way toward keeping current employees happy.

Reduced Absenteeism

Professional commercial cleaning services will thoroughly clean restrooms and kitchen areas to control the spread of germs that cause illnesses. Such cleaning would also include disinfecting items that are touched by many people such as doorknobs and appliance handles, tables and counter tops and office equipment such as telephones, keyboards, copiers and printers to kill cold and flu bacteria.

Reduced Accident Costs

During the course of a business week, discarded cups, bottles and trash tend to accumulate where they shouldn’t, office items are set down or dropped and left where they land and furniture is rearranged for various purposes. As we go through your commercial cleaning services program, we will pick up and replace discarded items and re-position furniture that could cause trips and falls which result in injuries and insurance claims.

Preservation of Assets

A regularly-scheduled program of commercial cleaning services will lengthen the life of floors and carpets, upholstered and wood furniture, appliances and office equipment. Thorough cleaning will lessen dust and dirt that could clog and damage expensive electronic items; it will minimize wear and tear in heavy traffic areas; and will prevent premature fading or excessively-worn fabrics caused by continuous use.

We Offer Free Consultations!

We at Carolina Services of the Triad can tailor a commercial cleaning services plan specifically for your property with all the services you need, performed by our highly-trained staff at a reasonable cost.