Though we’re based on Kernersville, we have a wide service area that goes beyond Greensboro and Winston Salem. Our territory has grown over the years as we continue to help Triad businesses with their commercial cleaning needs, from janitorial services to assisted living facility services.

The benefits of commercial cleaning are numerous across any industry, going well beyond just creating a better looking space. That’s a great feature, too, of course. But it’s also the most obvious point to be made about professional cleaning services and leaves aside many of the other takeaways, such as improved safety, air quality, and reduced employee sick leave. It’s less common to think of commercial cleaning as a way to improve your efficiency and even bottom line, but in many cases it can indeed do that.

Classroom commercial floor waxing

Sometimes the effect is subtle; regular service cleaning in an office can alleviate buildup of germs and allergens. Employees are healthier and less distracted as a result. In industrial settings it may involve cleaning important filters, keeping work areas free of chemical spills, and preventing falls with well maintained walk areas.

Our team has been doing this for over 25 years, and we combine solid training with eco-friendly cleaning agents to provide the best kind of clean Winston Salem area businesses can get. The value there can’t be understated.

It’s not enough to simply disinfect surfaces if the cleaning agent itself is toxic. Everything that touches it could be at odds, and if it produces fumes even more so. At best the office smells unpleasant for a day or so after cleaning in that case, but harsh fumes can also irritate people’s respiratory systems.

That’s a concern in any business, but particularly in daycares and schools we’ve worked with. When food is being prepared onsite and kids are touching all kinds of surfaces, learning materials, and toys, eco-friendly cleaners are super important.

If you operate in Winston Salem or surrounding areas and would like to learn more about how our eco-friendly cleaning can help your facility, give us a call today! 336-996-9883!