When it comes to commercial cleaning

There are random home cleaning fun facts we could share like so many others, but that would be out of place on a post discussing why you shouldn’t be the one doing all the cleaning, right? It’s an easy way to seem like giving away good information, but it’s unfocused and not very useful to anyone. Let’s just get right to it.

Why is commercial cleaning beneficial to your business?

We often think of cleaning as presentation. But in a very real sense it can also affect your bottom line. From lost sales or the inefficiencies and costs of employees being sick more often, not having a business cleaned thoroughly and regularly creates barriers businesses don’t need. There are hard numbers for these things — see the link.

When it comes to schools and medical facilities, there’s even more at stake. Regulations mean even higher scrutiny, so cleaning staff that are familiar with the nuance of these regulations goes a long way toward a smooth operation.

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