Residential Cleaning Services

Residential Cleaning Services
Why residential cleaning services? We understand you’re busy. Finishing your to-do list has become the ultimate challenge.

Life moves fast and, each day becomes more of a rat race to get things done. Since 1950, labor productivity per worker has increased 400%! Unfortunately, most of that productivity is going towards your workplace, not keeping your household in pristine condition.

That’s where Carolina Services of the Triad can help…

We offer a free in-home consultation so we can better understand your expectations. This process allows us to discover any special instructions or cleaning services needed. CST will also carefully record the required frequency of your cleaning services, which rooms need extra attention, or what items should not be touched at all.

If you have environmental concerns, we can incorporate green cleaning products into your cleaning services. Green cleaning services have gained popularity as people seek to create more environmentally-sound homes. Whenever applicable, CST will use green products.

Our Home Cleaning Services

All residential cleaning services have an extensive checklist that our professionals submit to their managers who cross-check that you are satisfied with our work. This practice ensures quality results that leave you with a much shorter to-do list!

Our residential cleaning services include:


  • Dust all surfaces
  • Sweep and mop all hard floors
  • Vacuum carpets and upholstered furniture
  • Empty and clean all trash containers
  • Thoroughly clean all bathroom fixtures, floors, walls, etc.

Shared Areas (i.e. living room or kitchen)

  • Wash down all hard surfaces
  • Disinfect all shared items (i.e. games and remote controls)
  • Vacuum carpets and upholstered furniture
  • Sweep and mop all hard floors
  • Dust all surfaces

Laundry Services

  • Fluff pillows
  • Replace linens

Special Cleaning Services

  • New baby? Messy pets? Holidays approaching? In-Laws Visiting? CST understands that some events are totally unpredictable, so we offer one-time services that make your life easier.
  • Call (336) 996-9883 to schedule a special request for your home!

How to Prepare for Our Cleaning Services

To prepare for home for CST cleaning services, please do the following:

  • Remove clutter so we can efficiently clean any surface
  • Find a comfortable spot for your pets
  • Put out clean sheets if we will be changing your linen

That’s all! You don’t need to spend any time cleaning before we arrive.

With approximately 200 employees in the Triad area alone, we have the people and the processes to ensure safety, job satisfaction, and a passion for each and every task!

Our multi-step employee screening and hiring process includes:

  • Two-step interview process: phone and face-to-face
  • Character reference checks
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Criminal records check

Interested in having your home cleaned? Let’s talk!

Call 336-996-9883 today to schedule a consultation!

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