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Janitorial Services in Raleigh researchHome to the Research Triangle Park and many other tech companies, Raleigh is a hub of innovation. The Research Triangle Park is the largest research park in the country, and has thrived for many years on having a tight sense of community. For all that collaboration to happen, particularly in environments full of scientists, cleanliness is paramount. This is exactly where a solid set of janitorial services come into play.

From surface cleaning and trash removal to dusting and air quality control, janitorial services keep business running smoothly. Sterile environments stay that way, and everyone from staff to researchers is more productive due to fewer sick days. Organization and efficiency are maximized.

But that spirit of keeping things moving is important for more than just research in Raleigh. The thriving business space needed some new infrastructure to stay competitive in a fast-moving world. In 2013 Raleigh received a $10 million grant to create a regional transit hub, which among other things would replace the 62 year old Amtrak station on Cabarrus Street. That station had been the second busiest rail terminal in the Southeast.

It was quite a boon for Raleigh business, providing more effective commuter solutions for those within the city. But what it also means for local businesses is through traffic visitors. This new transit hub will be a major stop on the Southeast high speed corridor between Washington DC to Atlanta. That’s serious traffic, and serious business.

Our janitorial services go beyond simply cleaning your work space so it presents well to customers. Using an eco-friendly green cleaning solution without harsh odors, you won’t have to worry about ventilation or not being able to use a work space for awhile after a professional cleaning. If you work in a lab with various compounds or where hazmat is a concern, non-reactivity is important.

Contact us today to learn more about our janitorial services! We can tailor a program to your needs and take the stress out of keeping your business running clean.

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