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Charlotte’s history as a financial hub has been growing for years, and has now become the nation’s second largest financial center. Part of achieving this is a strong concentration of giants of the industry such as Wells Fargo and Bank of America.

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The big dogs of the banking industry keep their businesses looking pristine with regular maintenance, and for good reason. Imagine walking into a Wells Fargo and seeing scuffs and dirt all over the tile. Imagine the surfaces during cold and flu season with how many people pass through each day doing their banking.

The sheer scale of people that industry sees makes janitorial services, among other things, a must.

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Cleaning services save time and energy in virtually any industry, though. Research through the CDC and other sources have long confirmed it: janitorial services help prevent illness and keep businesses more profitable. From disinfecting surfaces to keeping bathrooms and work spaces clean, it’s a better environment for the staff and customers. But why is that?

Although the types of products and services different businesses offer vary, there are usually a lot of similarities to how things run. In both a bank and a typical office environment there are phones, keyboards, trash cans, and often public bathrooms. These all get dirty in pretty much the same way, and the impact these things have by not being cleaned regularly is the same.

All businesses — from financial to retail to industrial — benefit from reduced sick days and safer floors.

Illness-related absenteeism alone accounts for $2640 per salaried employee each year, Forbes estimates. Lost time, strain on the rest of the staff, and additional involvement of management functions are affected. That is of course to say nothing of the effect being short-staffed has on service and what those costs may be.

Have peace of mind in your Charlotte business and hire the pros to handle all your janitorial needs.

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