Green Cleaning for Medical Facilities: Protect Your Patients and Your Staff

March 8, 2017

Geen Cleaning – Also known as eco-friendly cleaning, green cleaning involves the use of products that have been made using environmentally friendly ingredients, are biodegradable, and help conserve natural resources. Green cleaning does away with the use of toxic substances which might have negative effects on breathing and may cause …

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Biotech Cleanroom Maintenance & Cleaning

February 14, 2017

Quality office cleaning is one thing, but specialized environments like cleanrooms often used in biotech companies require specialized skills to keep clean. At CST our staff is trained for exactly these sorts of jobs. One of our specialties is cleaning medical facilities. We’re knowledgeable about what it takes to keep …

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Controlling Cross Contamination In Your Medical Facility Or Nursing Home

January 9, 2016

In healthcare facilities and nursing homes of all sorts, controlling the transmission of pathogens is a priority. For staff that moves room to room, cross contamination is a constant enemy. Protocols like using a new set of latex gloves for each room help keep things contained, but keeping the rooms …

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